Cutera XEO Laser & Light Therapy in the Minneapolis Area

XEO Laser Genesis : Next level skin Revitalization
Xeo laser genesis stimulates the skins natural renewal process to improve overall skin quality, resulting in a radiant, more youthful complexion. During the procedure, gentle micro-pulses of laser energy are sent to the skin to activate collagen remodeling to give your skin it’s smooth, radiant complexion. In less than one hour, you can start to experience the amazing renewal properties of Xeo laser genesis. This gentle procedure requires no downtime. In fact, you can even do it on your lunchtime and be back at work immediately. Xeo laser genesis has a high safety profile with minimal side effects, making it the perfect option for virtually anyone wanting to turn back the signs of aging and get a head start on their future look.

XEO LimeLight Skin Therapy: Repair. Restore. Renew your Skin
Xeo skin therapy makes complete skin transformation possible. Whatever your skin tone, whatever your condition, Xeo skin therapy offers safe, effective treatments for a wide range of aesthetic concerns-all while giving your skin a lift and your confidence a boost. Xeo skin therapy targets the primary signs of aging like sun damage, wrinkles, facial redness and veins on your face and body. Prior to your treatment, Your provider will customize the laser or light source best suited to target your concern. Following a Xeo skin therapy treatment, you may experience slight redness or darkening of the treatment area, which will resolve within a few hours or days, depending on your skin condition . Best of all, almost any patient can enjoy this safe, comfortable, non-invasive procedure, with little to no downtime.

XEO Hair Removal: Good-bye Razors, Hello Touchable Smooth Skin
Avoid the time, money and hassle of a lifetime spent shaving or waxing with Xeo hair removal. Achieve silky, smooth, beautifully bare skin in a few easy treatments and feel more confident about your body.