Venus Viva™ in the Minneapolis Area

How it works:
The fractional radiofrequency pulses emitted from the probe are ablative, meaning the cause very small microscopic pores in the skin of heated dead skin cells, which later promote new collagen fibrils. This can induce warming and sensitivity in the skin that usually subsides within a few hours. To combat this sensitivity, we have all our patients take Claritin or Allegra prior to their treatment. For some patients, this sensitivity is similar in intensity to a mild sunburn that can last up to 36 hours. For this reason, some patients request the use of a mild topical numbing agent before beginning Venus Viva treatments. Such treatment should be applied 30 minutes before the start of a treatment session.

Venus Viva is the newest FDA approved fractional radiofrequency device specifically designed to dramatically improve the tone, texture and overall quality of skin. It provides a safe, non-invasive, long-lasting solution to a wide range of skin concerns including wrinkles, acne scars, uneven pigmentation and stretch marks. This fully customizable treatment is an FDA approved method using microfocused fractional radiofrequency energy which deeply heats the skin rather than burns it like other lasers, and gives much quicker rejuvenation after facial remodeling and resurfacing due to its decreased healing time. It can be used in all skin types, even those with dark or ethnic skin as the radiofrequency energy can target specific pigment changes.

Why Have Venus Viva?
Venus Viva provides a non-surgical option for the effective treatment of many skin conditions, including those which are generally treatment-resistant. Venus Viva succeeds where many alternatives have failed, all in a delivery system that is quick and comfortable. Patients appreciate the gentle therapeutic process that provides immediate results with little to no downtime, and requires only one or a few treatment sessions.

What can I expect after the procedure?
A slight redness and warming of the skin occurs throughout a treatment session. For most people, this fades within a few hours after the session. For others with slightly more sensitive skin, the redness can linger and be accompanied by a discomfort similar to a sunburn for up to 36 hours.

How soon can I return to work?
Most patients resume normal activities within 24 hours of a Venus Viva treatment session. For patients who wish to apply skin treatments or cosmetics before arriving at the workplace, it is important to remember that this may delay a return to work until the following day. For those in outdoor professions, 48 hours may be required before being able to return to work.