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Venus Legacy

Non-invasive treatment stimulates the creation of new collagen, increase lymphatic flow and provides deeper penetration of the energy into the tissue.

Venus Freeze/Legacy

Venus Legacy™ is an effective treatment that employs the latest techniques to achieve an improved overall physical appearance. It is a non-invasive and painless procedure primarily used in to reduce or remove the accumulation of cellulite and remove wrinkles associated with the aging process by tightening the epidermal skin layer. The technology is based on a portable hand-held device that releases energy levels below the superficial skin surface.


Venus Legacy uses a combination of powerful, magnetic fields in the form of pulses and multi-polar radio frequencies, resulting in a soothing effect. It creates a heat blanket with healing properties over the patient’s body. The product combines 3D™ MP2 patented procedures and VariPulse™ technology, which generates increased blood circulation and rapid plumping. This results in glowing skin.

Venus Legacy is able to correct wrinkles associated with aging, reduce cellulite and tighten skin using the multipolar radio frequencies that cause a thermal reaction at the tissue level. This augments the innate natural healing mechanism of the body, causing the skin to contract, resulting in softer wrinkles, tight skin and a reduction of cellulite levels.

The procedure is painless and does not employ unnecessary needles used in most cosmetic procedures. It is also non-invasive. The process takes an average of 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Wonderful cosmetic results usually appear after about six treatment cycles on the face and neck. The rest of your body will see results after about ten cycles.

The procedure is safe and no serious agitation or pain has been noted in its use. There are no major complications. In addition, the product has been approved and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A). Venus Legacy is highly recommended for women experiencing post-pregnancy skin sagging and for those dissatisfied with the impact of exercise and diet on their body.

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