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The world of beauty treatments has always been a murky one for most women. Sales people will say just about anything to move their products, and with the societal pressure on women to constantly appear glamorous, knowing which beauty techniques work, and which ones don’t can be overwhelming. Below is the real truth about three common beauty myths:

Cellulite can be eliminated with expensive creams. Genetics have a far greater impact on the appearance of cellulite than any expensive beauty products. Often though, expensive creams contain caffeine, which can improve your circulation and blood flow. This increase in circulatory activity will cause your legs to become more plump and smooth the appearance of cellulite, but its only a temporary effect. As long as your lotion has caffeine, regardless of the price, the results will be more or less the same.

Hair grows thicker and faster if it is cut. Your hair is actually the same, whether growing on your head or anywhere else on your body. Hair is in fact dead, so the only thing that impacts its appearance is the products we use to treat it. The part of your body that controls hair growth, the follicle, is at skin level, so cutting a few inches off of the bottom of your hair has no impact on the rate at which is grows. The only way to encourage hair growth is by keep your scalp and follicles healthy with nutrient-rich oils and massaging.

Puffiness around your eyes can be reduced with hemorrhoid cream. Technically this myth is true. Ingredients in hemorrhoid cream are designed to reduce swelling and inflammation, so they will reduce swelling around your eye. However, it is not designed to be used on such a delicate part of your body. If you happened to get some in your eye accidentally, you’ll be dealing with much worse problems than a bit of puffiness. It also has strong drying properties, so in the end, it’s not good for facial application.

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