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The heat and the sun can do some major damage to your skin in the summer. That, combined with the amount of time we spend outside during the season can make your skin look tired, which can make you look older. Here are some ways that you can keep your skin vibrant and fresh even during the summer.


There are many nutrients that can help your skin stay healthy. Eating thing that are high in Vitamin E, like carrots, spinach, and almonds, will help revitalize damaged skin, including if it is damaged by the sun. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, which helps plump out your skin and make it look stronger and healthier. Eating fruits and green vegetables will help with that. The Vitamin D in fish, dairy, whole grains, and egg yolk will help with spots and acne.


It is important to develop a routine of skin care so that you can keep on top of its health. That routine should consist of scrubs, moisturizing and toning. You can use natural remedies such as honey, oranges, yogurt, and even tea bags, among other things. This routing treatment will help maintain your skin’s natural youth and suppleness.

Avoid the Sun During Certain Time Periods

It stands to reason that the stronger the sun gets, the more damage it can do to your skin. The sun and its UV rays are strongest in the middle of the day between 10am and 2pm, so avoid going outside during those time as best you can. If you do go outside, then make sure to use sunscreen and reapply every two hours.

Cover Yourself

No, this is not an appeal to modesty. Wearing clothes that cover your skin will protect you from sun damage. Long sleeves, large hats, and sunglasses are all good ways to block the sun.


Hydrating will keep your skin moist, and allow cosmetic products and moisturizers to work even better. Hydrated skin looks healthy and vibrant. Drinking water will replace the fluids you lose from sweating on those hot summer days.

The summer does not have to take a toll on your skin. By following these tips, you can make sure that your skin stays healthy, vibrant and strong all summer long.

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